Any teacher can introduce French to their students with the Little Pim French Teacher’s Kit even if they don’t speak the language. Designed for children under the age of 6, our French Teacher’s Kit works as an engaging enrichment tool for any beginner-level French course for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. The kit contains 6 videos that teach 360 words and phrases, 42 lesson plans, 42 printable worksheets, pronunciation scripts and guides and more so you can effectively add French into your school year curriculum.

Each lesson plan contains 3-6 activities which enable teachers to teach language one time per week. It’s more than enough content for a full school year. Repetition is key when teaching a second language so teachers can choose their favorite lessons and extend the program to run multiple times during the week.

Download our pedagogy for a comprehensive description of Little Pim’s Entertainment Immersion Method® and philosophy.

The French Teacher’s Kit includes the following:

  • 24-page Teacher’s Guide (online): Provides the foundation of how to use Little Pim in the classroom and how to run a class using our program. It not only shows how to incorporate Little Pim into every class, but also provides guidance on going beyond the lesson plan using our activities.
  • 6 Videos: Eating & Drinking; Wake Up Smiling; Playtime; In My Home; Happy, Sad and Silly; I Can Count. Runtime 210 minutes of content. 42 individual 5-minute episodes. Each video has a running time of 35 minutes. The videos need not be viewed chronologically. They are not organized by level, but rather by theme, so you can watch them in any order.
  • 42 Lesson Plans (online): The lesson plans present the core vocabulary taught within each video episode. Each plan provides activities to do prior, during and after watching each 35 minute video. At the beginning of each lesson there are objectives of what can be achieved in each class. A materials list is provided so teachers know what’s needed for each class. Every class concludes with some fun “assessment activities” to help teachers track student progress. The lesson plans are comprehensive yet not complicated.
  • 42 Worksheets (online): Worksheets are downloadable PDFs and invite children to trace letters and print the word in the target language. This is a great vocabulary review tool. If the child has not developed those fine motor skills to trace, they can color in the pictures. There are two words and two pictures per sheet.
  • Companion Pronunciation Guide: Our guide helps with proper pronunciation and gives tips on the language’s grammar.
  • Companion Scripts: The scripts provide all the words and phrases taught in the video series.
  • 2 sets of 45 flash cards: The flashcards revisit the words and phrases covered in the videos.
  • “Say Hello” classroom poster: Say hello in 11 languages with the your pal Little Pim.
  • 9″ soft plush Little Pim panda
  • Free Progress Tracking App: Help children retain the vocabulary learned with this interactive app. It’s FREE to download in the iTunes store.