5 Things to Do with the Little Ones in Madrid, Spain


Little Pim is in Spain!

Little Pim kicked off this year with a European adventure. He’s spending a lot of time with some true Spaniards, practicing his Spanish and learning some new vocabulary words to teach you really soon!

Ever been to Spain? Here are 5 things to do with the little ones when you travel to the great Spanish capital, Madrid.

1. “Barcos en el Parque del Buen Retiro”

(Boat rides in Buen Retiro Park) All of Buen Retiro is worth checking out with the little ones, with 350 acres of space and some of the most beautiful gardens in the city, but the boats are sure to be a hit! While you’re at Buen Retiro, be sure to check out the Palacio de Cristal (Glass Palace) and the Galapagos fountain. Buen Retiro is also a great place to explore by bicycle. Get a “good rest” at “Buen Retiro” with the whole family.

2. Children’s Theater at “Teatro Sanpol”

One of the greatest parts of Madrid is the amazing culture you get to experience through different stage performances, like theatre, opera, and flamenco shows! Don’t let the kids miss out! There’s so many affordable children’s theater options, like Teatro Sanpol just on the edge of the city center. At a children’s production, kids can see familiar stories, or new ones, performed in Spanish. They will totally immerse in the language, and the culture!

3. “Parque de Atracciones Madrid”

That’s right, there’s a theme park in Madrid! Madrid’s largest park, “Casa de Campo” is home to one of the most popular children’s attractions in the city. When you and the kids need a break from the city, jump on the Metro, about 30 minutes outside of the city center, and experience Madrid’s “Parque de Atracciones.” With roller coasters, water rides, and live shows, there’s fun for the whole family!

4. “Templo de Debod”

Templo de Debod is an Egyptian temple that was disassembled and rebuilt just on the edge of Casa de Campo in Madrid. It’s a fascinating structure, and it’s an awesome way to see the whole city, get a taste of more European culture and a beautiful place to watch the sunset over Madrid.


5. “Palacio Real”

You can’t miss out on the royal culture of Spain while you’re in Madrid either! “Palacio Real” is Madrid’s largest building, and the largest royal palace in Western Europe! It is the official residence of the Spanish royal family, although they no longer reside there year round. The kids will love seeing a real-life castle up close, and entry is free for everyone under 5!

Don’t miss out on all that Madrid has to offer. Take the kids to Spain and have fun with the whole family!