2019 New Year Resolutions for Foreign Language Learners

With 2019 rapidly approaching, now is the time to think about resolutions that can help make your family's language-learning goals more attainable than ever. Check out these ideas, inspired by an article last year on Eurocentres.com-  

  • Spend an hour a week practicing speaking with a native speaker in the target language

  • Go out to eat and order a meal in a restaurant using the target language

  • Watch one foreign- language film every week (with or without subtitles!)

  • Keep a diary in the target language and write in it at least three times a week

  • Learn all of the lyrics of a favorite song in the target language

  • Read a book or news article in the target language on a scheduled basis (i.e. once daily or weekly)

We love these ideas as they would also be great for family-time together studying another language!

From all of us here at Little Pim, we wish you and your families the very best for a happy 2019! :)