Bringing Bob to Life

One of the most fun parts of making Little Pim DVDs is going to the recording sessions when we bring our animated characters to life. We recently recorded the voice of Bob the Bobcat, one of Little Pim's new friends. We all have a soft spot for Bob, an adorable furry wildcat with black trimmed ears. He tries really hard to be a good hunter, chase butterflies and ladybugs, but can't quite ever seem to catch a thing!

We found a wonderful voice over artist for Bob (who moonlights as a PhD candidate in English literature) and spent a few hours recording all kinds of "mmmrrow!" and giggles and snoring sounds the other day. It was so much fun!

In addition to Bob, we'll also be introducing Lola the Elephant in the new DVDs.

Little Pim is having a blast now that he has two new friends who are just as playful as he is. Together they are helping kids learn a second or third language in a fun, laughter-filled way.

Look out for Bob the Bobcat and Lola the Elephant in DVDs 4, 5, & 6 this spring.