Contest: "I want to teach my child a second language because...". blogger Elina Furman included Little Pim in a post entitled, "Best Products for Global Citizens". We couldn't have said it better ourselves! According to, 66% of the world is bilingual. Also, 14% of students consider themselves fluent in two languages.

In her post, Elina shared why Little Pim was one of her product picks:

"Of course, I want him to be cultured and worldly, but with my workload and his attitude about sleeping anywhere but his crib, I don’t see us taking that trek anytime soon. So in honor of helping our kids develop a global awareness and a love of travel while still staying close to home, here are the products I’ve come to love."

Parents have many reasons for choosing Little Pim. In the comments section below, share why helping your child learn a second language is important to you. One person will win one DVD, one CD, or a pack of Word & Phrase cards!

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