Kid Culture Around the World: What’s New in Paris

Kids often wonder what children like them are doing around the world. So at Little Pim we’ve decided to help open a window to cultures both near and far for our little learners, allowing them to get a peak at their international counterparts while learning a bit more of their favorite language. First up: Paris, France.

Our blog team member Melissa Klurman is just back from Paris, the City of Light, and here’s what she spotted les enfants (children) doing there:

Eating Sunday lunch (Manger le dejeuner du dimanche)

Family time is très (very) important to French families.

Even when they’ve had a busy week, they schedule time for a long leisurely lunch en familie (with their family), usually at a bistro (a casual restaurant).

As you can see here, the reward for sitting patiently through frites and croque monsier (the French version of fries and grilled cheese)? Dessert!

Playing Dress Up (se déguiser)

What's more fun than dressing up at home? Doing it in a real castle! These costumes are ones you can borrow at the Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte outside of Paris. Kids can wear their fancy dress to visit all the rooms in the chateau and then learn to play games from the olden days (really old, we're talking 1600s) out in the beautiful gardens.

Swimming in the Pool (Nager dans la piscine)

As summer approaches, all thoughts turn to la piscine (the pool!).

Since French weather can stay a bit cool until August, indoor pools (such as this one at the Shangri La Hotel) often fill in for the outdoor version.

Playing games (Jouer des jeux)

Just like kids everywhere, French enfants love to play outside, biking, running, and playing games. Something new to catch their attention are  life-size game boards that line the Seine River in Paris like this giant maze.