Little Pim Autumn Coloring Page

Happy Fall! What fun activities do you have planned this weekend? Celebrate the start of the beautiful season by printing out your free Autumn Coloring Page of Little Pim picking apples! While you're coloring, teach your little ones how to say "apple" in the 12 different languages we offer on our website: English - Apple

Spanish - Manzana

French - Pomme

Mandarin Chinese - Píngguǒ

Italian - Mela

German - Apfel

Russian - Yabloko

Korean - Sagwa

Portuguese - Maçã

Arabic - Tafaha

Japanese - Ringo

Hebrew - תפוח עץ (tah-POO-ahkh)

Share your child's finished work of art with us by using #littlepim on Instagram or Twitter and we'll send you a FREE Little Pim Panda Plush.

Click here to download your free coloring page.