Little Pim Celebrates World Cup 2010

Everyone at Little Pim is very excited about the World Cup games taking place right now in South Africa. And it's not just because the Fifa mascot bears a striking resemblance to Bob the Bobcat of Little Pim Volume II.

It's always amazing to see some of the world's best soccer players take to the field for their countries. Did you know that soccer is the most popular team sport in the world?

One can only imagine the number of languages being spoken in Cape Town right now as tourists from all over the world flood the city to support their players.

The World Cup games are a great opportunity for you to teach your child about other countries. The blogosphere is full of posts by mom & dad bloggers who have made teaching crafts centered around the games.

    • Consider printing out pictures of the flags of different countries and hanging them up in your child's room. Point out the the corresponding country's name and language.


    • Look up how to say "hello" in the language of the two teams playing at any given time.


    • Use a globe or large map to show your child where the different countries are located.

The World Cup games are not only exciting, they're an opportunity for you to spark an interest in your child about cultures & language. Have fun and may the best team win!