Little Pim's Thanksgiving Coloring Page


Your little ones will love coloring in their pal, Little Pim feasting at the Thanksgiving table while you're busy cooking and entertaining. Print out this coloring page today and teach your kids how to say new words to celebrate Thanksgiving to incorporate language learning into your day. When you’re done, you’ll have a finished picture to hang on your fridge! Share your kids’ page with #littlepim on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Enjoy your turkey day!

Thanksgiving-themed Spanish Vocabulary: 

agradecido (por) — thankful (for) las gracias — thanks compartir, repartir — to share el cuerno de la abundancia, la cornucopia — cornucopia el desfile — parade la familia — family el fútbol americano — football (not soccer) el noviembre — November el otoño — autumn, fall

Thanksgiving Translations via Spanish.About.Com.

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