Mommy tech and CES - the best gadgets for moms and kids

Like many of you I'm sure, I've casually followed the Consumer Electronics Show from afar - seeing articles and tweets here and there, heralding the coolest new gadgets of the future.  This year, I was actually able to attend the show in person, and I can tell you that the future is 3D, tablets and - good news for moms - waterproofing! One of the coolest things to come out this year was a commercial pinball machine. I'm a comic book fan, so the idea of an Avengers pinball machine that takes up a fraction of the space of a regular pinball machine, sounds pretty enticing.

Crayola came out with a Light Marker, which uses an LED-tipped point to allow kids to draw on an iPad with a virtual pen.

Our partners from One Laptop Per Child just released a kid-focused new Android tablet called the XO, PACKED with great learning apps - including Little Pim of course!

The pick of the bunch though? A robot which massages tired moms. The line for that one was out of the door!