NY Times article about increase in Chinese-learning in U.S.

Yesterday the New York Times published an article about the increased interest in Chinese-learning among students in the United States. Apparently more and more parents want their kids to learn Chinese in order to be competitive in the global economy and have the option to work with Chinese-owned companies; plus the Chinese government is sending subsidized Chinese language teachers into American schools. At Little Pim, we have been amazed to see how many Mandarin Chinese DVDs fly off our virtual shelves! Mandarin Chinese is the most popular Chinese dialect being taught today.

In the meanwhile, romance languages are on the decline in public schools. Wide cut-backs in foreign language classes have led to more parents looking to introduce second languages at home via books, DVDs and other materials. We talk to these parents every day at Little Pim, and are proud to be helping them fill that gap.

Click here to read about our Chinese products and watch a short video clip in Chinese: http://www.littlepim.com/store/chinese-language-for-kids/. You can also read my letter to the editor published in the New York Times in September commenting on the cut-backs and the importance of foreign language teaching in schools: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/20/opinion/lweb20foreign.html?_r=1

Thank you for your support of Little Pim, and for helping us to prepare our children to become active participants in an increasingly multi-cultural and polyglot world.

Read the New York Times article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/21/education/21chinese.html?hpw