Family Fun for Oktoberfest

This year marks the 205th anniversary of Oktoberfest, a German festival that began in Munich in 1810. Each year, millions of people gather in Germany and all over the world to participate in the festivities, which include concerts, costumes, rides, food, and drink. There is something for everyone at Oktoberfest, and the holiday creates a great opportunity to introduce kids (and adults) to German culture.

A great way to get kids involved in the Oktoberfest fun is through crafts like this Edelweiss hat, often worn by men and boys in Bavaria during the festival. You can also print out these coloring pages to help kids learn about the German map, flag, and other national symbols. And check out “Backe, backe Kuchen,” a simple German song kids can sing to practice the language.

You can sample some of the delicious cuisine of Germany in your own home with these recipes for German potato salad and sausage and sauerkraut fritters. You should also break out the pretzels, a favorite during Oktoberfest. For dessert, you and your kids will love this rich German chocolate cake. Before you eat, don’t forget to say “prost” which means “cheers” in German!

Oktoberfest is a great holiday for the whole family, no matter where you celebrate it! Get creative, eat, learn, and have fun!

Thanks to Kelli Miller at 3 Boys and a Dog for the "Oktoberfest Activities for Kids."