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The Portuguese Complete Set is Finally Here!

Almost... ...but you won't have to wait for it that much longer! Portuguese DVDs and flashcards are set to hit the warehouse any day now, and we're as excited as you are. So, starting this week, Little Pim will be accepting pre-orders on the Portuguese Complete Set:

Orders will start shipping on October 15th, but if you've been waiting for this day, why wait any longer? Before you know it, your kids could be asking, "Outra Vez!" Each Portuguese Complete Set includes the first volume of Little Pim DVDs ("eating and drinking," "wake up smiling," and "playtime"), the brand new Portuguese flashcards, a colorful multi-lingual poster, and the classic, soft Little Pim plush. To start a little smaller with your child's learning, the Discovery Set is also available for pre-order in Portuguese.

This is a magical time for new products, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements!