curious george

Little Pim Meets Curious George in Cambridge!

This weekend Little Pim held its first event in Cambridge MA! We held a fun, silly sing-along of Spanish and French songs from our CDs, and showed clips of the new DVDs featuring Little Pim, Bob and Lola. Many thanks to Curious George & Friends and owner Donna Friedman for hosting us. This charming, filled to the brim with goodies toy store has drawn thousands of tourists and locals from its Harvard Square location. It is definitely worth seeing if you and your little ones find yourself in Boston/Cambridge. Just don't blame me if you can't get them out of there!

Curious George & Friends carries a wonderful selection of educational books and toys in addition to its eponymous monkey collections. Little Pim is proud to have been part of Curious George's offerings for over a year. This was a fun chance to meet local families, share some songs in Spanish and French and talk with parents about raising our children with more than one language.

One question that comes up a lot is "when is the right age to start?". My answer is always the same - you can't start too young. Babies' brains are hard-wired to learn up to three languages at once and the earlier you introduce the new languages, the easier it is for them to pick them up. I suggest parents start with music and books, then introduce DVDs when they are ready, and expand to classes, playgroups and tutors.

Enjoy the photo and video below!