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Little Pim Kickstarter on the Interwebs

This is it: the Little Pim Kickstarter has entered its final week and we have entered crunch time here at Little Pim HQ. We have already managed to reach 50% of our pledge goal and are absolutely over the moon about this accomplishment. Your generosity and support means the world to us. Of course, that does mean we have $6000 left to raise in... oh... 6 days. No biggie.

Lucky for us, we have an incredible army of mommy and daddy blogger friends helping to spread the word about our project and give us the boost we need, so we just wanted to give all of our blogging pals a shout out before the campaign is over.

If you'd like to help us out with a share or a feature on your blog: (1) We love you! (2) Hit us up!

...and if you haven't backed us yet, time's a-wastin'! Consider giving $19 in honor of our 19 blogger heroes! (Pro-tip: $20 gets you a fancy upgrade.)

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