las vegas

Blogging Live From the Consumer Electronics Tradeshow (CES) in Vegas

I am at the Consumer Electronics Tradeshow in Las Vegas where millions of new gadgets and high tech toys are on display - everything from digital systems that allow you to control your home equipment remotely, new 3D versions of cameras and games, to the "TV Hat" which allows you to watch your favorite shows on your iPhone inside a souped up hat.

I've spent most of my time in the "Mommy Tech" section checking out stuff that might help us keep our lives running more smoothly and wanted to share five of the interesting products I've seen... from the useful to the whimsical to the laughable.

1) Is your phone or MP3 running out of juice?



Now you can recharge in style with the HyperJuice portable batteries, that allow you to recharge your Mac devices on the go and come in great bright colors! The smallest one is about the size of a Tic Tac case but will allow you to power an iPhone or iTouch eight times! These are great for when your toddler's iTouch runs out of juice in the back seat or on a long trip. Now they can watch Little Pim until they learn all the words, not until your phone dies!


2) Is your 15 month old making a movie? or playing with cars? or both?



Being a mom of two boys, it was mandatory that I stopped by the Hot Wheels booth to see how they're changing the future of toy car racing. Hot Wheels has given us a sneak preview of a race car that is also a video camera! Your child or even toddler just switches on the button and this little racer takes moving video while zipping across the floor! You can then upload it to your computer where your five-year old can turn it into a little movie. Welcome to the cars of the future!



3) Can't find your phone? It's around your neck!



VUniversal Moblie Neklit - here I am modeling this string around the neck where you can just stick your phone on to it and pull it back off, with the ease of Velcro (it's not). I think it would be great to have one less thing to look for in my bag (otherwise known as the bottomless pit!).



4) Take Pictures. Approach computer. Pictures on comptuer!



Eye-Fi Wi-Fi: Memory card and built-in Wi-Fi



Upload your pictures without messing with a bunch of cables. You just put this chip in your camera and it allows your computer to download the pictures you just took via wireless upload. This is perfect for sending birthday party pictures to grandma from a remote location (or pictures from a tradeshow for your blog).




5) Phone meets baby formula. Dry All to the rescue!



Dry-all – First Aid for Wet Electronics



For phones that have gotten wet (let's face it, our phones are living in a high risk environment around cups of orange juice, baby spit and bath time!), this genius idea zaps moisture using high tech absorbent pellets. Leave your phone in this box for a few minutes and presto, it's good as new!



I also liked that the demo video at the booth features the president of sales' 20 month old putting her phone in the toilet. Has that ever happened to you?


6) Are you watching TV in there??



TV Hat – your personal theater



I had to model this one too... if you see someone on the beach wearing this hat you'll know they are actually catching up on Desperate Housewives re-runs!