The Healthiest & Unhealthiest Christmas Dishes In The World

The holidays are a season of indulgence for most people around the world, when people come together to celebrate with loved ones over special dishes. We've been known to overdo it on the Christmas cookies, but there's more to holiday food than sweets. From France to Brazil to South Africa, every country has their own special healthy--and not-so-healthy-- traditional foods they enjoy around the holidays.

But some countries are definitely more indulgent than others, according to Yahoo. The website ranked countries by how healthy their traditional Christmas meals are.

Spain came out as the unhealthiest, with an average of over 70 grams of fat in their traditional meal, which often features roast lamb for dinner and nougat for dessert. The United States was right behind, thanks to Americans' love for fatty eggnog.

To contrast, Kenya's traditional Christmas meal of lean roasted goat and chapatti (unleavened bread) contains just 10 grams of fat, the lowest of any country in the list.

It's fine to enjoy the less healthy items on a special occasion--just make sure to get those veggies in too, like the Spaniards do with white asparagus. Or make like the Swedes do and serve herring as an appetizer instead of fatty dips.

As long as you don't overdo it at dinner, there's no reason to skip dessert. Add an international twist to your dessert tray with a French Yule Log Cake (Buche de Noel) or a delicious German Stollen, a fruit cake with dried fruit and marzipan.

Check out the infographic below to see how the meals ranked and find out the healthiest and unhealthiest Christmas dishes of each country.