Make a Rainbow Loom Little Pim Panda

If you have young kids (especially daughters), chances are you've heard of Rainbow Loom. Rainbow Loom makes it easy for young kids to make bracelets, charms, and other toys out of rubber bands using looms and hooks. It's a fun, unique toy that gives kids the freedom to indulge their own creativity--and it's actually been shown to have positive effects on their development.

We're such big fans of the toy that we wanted to share our love by making a Rainbow Loom craft of Little Pim the panda, the star of our award-winning videos, books and flashcards.

If your kids love Little Pim and making crafts with their looms, they'll love making their very own panda.

Watch the video below from Dana Loomz to find out how, and be sure to send us your kids' finished products or post them on our Facebook page--we'd love to see them! [youtube id="lpkKn6Glp-0"]