A visual tour of Toy Fair 2012

We had a great time at Toy Fair this year, where Little Pim was exhibiting with hundreds of other toy companies.  So what's new this year? Take a tour through Toy Fair 2012, with our photo and video tour of the exhibition floor!

If you follow my blog, you'll know I was at CES last month checking out cool new tech toys.  I've been noticing a more toys that integrate your iPad or iPod touch into physical play.

Here's one that's a bit like space invaders, if you remember that.


These are the Heart to Heart dolls. Kind of like the American Girl Dolls, except they're from all over the world and age a little younger. We love the idea of introducing kids to different cultures and countries, what a cool new line!


Lego has just launched a new line of "girl-friendly" pink and white legos. They are doing a big marketing push to get more girls to play with legos, which seems to involve just making everything pink! Above is a gal made of legos, and her little dog too...


Walking my ladybug! These balloons have little legs and were a big hit this year.  Also available in giraffe, elephant and puppy.


Little Pim-ers at our booth!


Dolls after my own heart! They're made by Corrolle, a French company that has made its way to the US.


My boys have spent hours making marble mazes but I was never able to crack the code (my towers would fall over as soon as I dropped the marble!).  This new version from Mind Ware is so much easier to use that even I can use it, without asking any help from my four year old tower builder!

No Toy Fair would be complete without a huge lego creation for photo ops.  Here's the Hulk snaring another victim.