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Kick Off World Cup 2014 With Fun Portuguese for Kids

The biggest sporting event in the world, The World Cup of soccer (or football as it’s referred to in most countries) is about to kick off in the South American country of Brazil! To help you get ready for this month-long international sports tournament, we’ve rounded up a helpful list of Portuguese futebol (soccer) terms and a fun word search so you can say Let’s play soccer! Vamos jogar futebol!

Portuguese For World Cup 2014

soccer = futebol
the ball = a bola
to kick = chute
to run = corre
to catch = pege
to throw = joge
head = cabeça
hand = mão
foot = pé
He is kicking = Ele está chutando
He is kicking the ball = Ele está chutando a bola
He is running = Ele está correndo
He is throwing the ball = Ele está jogando a bola
He is catching the ball = Ele está pegando a bola

Click image to download our free World Cup 2014 word search!