The Little Pim Holiday Party!

The Little Pim holiday party was last week. It felt great to celebrate and thank the many people who have worked so hard all year to grow our company - our staff, filmmakers, editors, graphic designer, animators, fulfillment house, website manager, advisors and investors, to name just a few. I feel incredibly lucky that we have so many talented and fun people working with us!

We also used the party as a chance to introduce Little Pim's two new animated friends: Bob the Bobcat and Lola the Elephant!

They were represented by life-sized cut outs and a sneak preview of Little Pim DVD 4. Keep checking the blog for new developments about our soon to be released DVDs 4, 5 and 6.

Wishing all of our Little Pim families a happy and safe holiday season - in all your favorite languages!

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