The Making of Little Pim DVDs 4, 5 & 6

Last Friday we loaded into a van and headed to upstate New York to begin our filming for the Little Pim DVDs 4, 5 and 6. We had over 15 kids join us, from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and as far as Philadelphia. The location was a dream; a big farmhouse converted into a pre-school.

The atmosphere gave everyone the sense that they'd stepped right on to the set of Little House on the Prairie. There were even chickens and roosters walking around.

We filmed scenes that included magic tricks, climbing trees, planting seeds and other activities that will allow us to showcase a new batch of words in our upcoming DVDs. Our crew was totally on top of it, and the kids were amazing. They were very patient with all our lighting setups and the other not so fun sides of acting (like doing the same thing over and over again). While some were professional actors, others were just friends of friends.

They all seemed to especially enjoy the attic scene wherein we asked them to dress up in old clothes and play around in boxes (see picture of three kids popping out of a box). When it was time to close down the set, it was hard to leave the farm and say goodbye! It was a great kick off our filming and we can't wait to see it all again... in the editing room.

Stay tuned for more Little Pim in the making updates!