The Premiere of the new DVDs for our Little Stars

Yesterday Little Pim's crew and I showed our new DVDs to some of the young stars who helped bring Little Pim 4, 5 and 6 to life. We drove to upstate New York to Hanover Farm and revisited the beautiful scenery that served as a backdrop during filming.

The children were so excited to be at their first premiere party surrounded by Little Pim crew and staff and could hardly believe it when they saw themselves on the big screen! They were among the first to get a sneak peek at our new characters, Bob the Bobcat and Lola the Elephant, and learned words in Spanish, French and Chinese.

After we screened the episodes featuring our kids, the whole crew answered questions from the audience. One boy wanted to know how we got all the different languages onto the DVDs, a little girl asked about how animation is made, and they all wanted to know more about the "white screen" we used for the background. It was a mini media literacy lesson!

We ended the party by digging into a homemade Little Pim cake, and all the kids took home their DVDs and goody bags. I was so pleased to learned that the kids at Hanover Farms are now using Little Pim to learn French in their classroom.

I have been to dozens of film openings, from Sundance to the Berlin Film Festival, but this was perhaps the most fun I’ve had yet! I am so grateful to the kids who starred in Little Pim and to the Little Pim crew for their hard work and the high standard they bring to everything they do. It was really special to share the new DVDs with the kids who helped make them come to life (with a little help from a panda...).

We hope you enjoy watching them as much we enjoyed making them.