We're in Giggle stores!

This Sunday I went to the grand opening of the newest Giggle store, which just opened its doors on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

The store is chock full of beautifully selected colorful toys, clothes, baby products and gifts. My 5-year old was the first to win our "treasure hunt" by finding the Little Pim DVDs, flash cards and CDs!

I was a giggle customer back when Little Pim was just a twinkle in my eye and always appreciated their great sense of design and excellent customer service. I later learned that their sales people all go to a "giggle University" where they get intensive training. This is probably why when you shop online or visit one of their 11 stores, they will go above and beyond to find you what you are looking for!

I once needed a new part for my Stokke high chair and they were calling all over town for me and were really nice about it; this is pretty uncommon in the baby retail world. I'm so proud to be part of the giggle family.

When we left the store, my husband, boys and I went to the 78th street playground and then had strawberry milk and pretzels before heading home. A perfect Sunday afternoon! If you are in New York, stop into the new Upper West Side giggle store. You'll love it. A bonus: Kate, the lovely store manager, speaks French and Spanish.

I hope you had a great weekend!