The Best Time to Learn a Language is Under the Age of 6


Don’t miss the window of opportunity when it’s fun & easy for kids to learn.
Little Pim’s Entertainment Immersion Method® uses strategic repetition of key vocabulary words for faster language acquisition. Our companion guides and scripts make it easy for parents & teachers to follow along with no prior language knowledge needed.


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Introduce your kids to the words they need to describe their world.
With each volume set, your child can learn more than 180 basic words and phrases.
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Spanish for Kids Vol. 1

Spanish for Kids Vol. 2

French for Kids Vol. 1

French for Kids Vol. 2

English/ESL for Kids Vol. 1

English/ESL for Kids Vol. 2

Chinese for Kids Vol. 1

Chinese for Kids Vol. 2

German for Kids Vol. 1

German for Kids Vol. 2

Italian for Kids Vol. 1

Italian for Kids Vol. 2

Hebrew for Kids Vol. 1

Japanese for Kids Vol. 1

Russian for Kids Vol. 1

Arabic for Kids Vol. 1

Portuguese for Kids Vol. 1

Korean for Kids Vol. 1


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