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Hebrew for Kids

Little Pim’s immersive teaching style can start teaching kids as early as 6 months. Don’t miss the window of opportunity when it’s easy for them to learn. It’s fun, engaging and very educational.

With Little Pim’s Hebrew for kids foreign language program, you can take advantage of your young child’s early aptitude for learning a second language. Our Hebrew language program is specifically designed to teach kids a foreign language at the age they learn best--from 0 to 6 years.

Your child will love exploring the Hebrew language alongside Little Pim, the playful cartoon panda bear who serves as the series’ “teacher.” Little Pim will take your child on a journey as they watch real children enjoy everyday activities, such as playing, eating, waking and napping.

Our Hebrew videos use a combination of animation and live action to help your child learn 180 words and phrases. The series is voiced by native speakers, and words are repeated at regular intervals to build your child’s vocabulary and encourage proper pronunciation.

Give your young child a head start on language learning--order Little Pim and start teaching your child Hebrew today.
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With this 3-video, 21-episode set, your child can learn more than 180 words and phrases.
The #1 Language Learning Program for Kids
  • Entertainment Immersion Method® makes it fun & easy for kids to learn
  • No prior language knowledge needed
  • Winner of over 25 awards
  • Instant access to use at home or on the go
Complete Learning Set
(Everything you need to give them a head start)

Learning a second language is a real brain booster for young kids. The Hebrew Complete Set introduces 180 fundamental words and phrases your kids will want to repeat again and again.

—Set Includes:

  • 3 Videos (available on DVD, Download or both)
  • 1 Little Pim Plush
  • “Say Hello” Poster
  • FREE PIMTRACK App to track their progress
  • Companion guide and vocabulary scripts

“It’s important that my child grows up bilingual. With the digital downloads, you can take these fun, entertaining videos anywhere.” –Maximo

“Whenever he goes to the drawer, I know that he wants Little Pim. He was very engaged from the first viewing.” –Xander

“Speaking different languages means you get different frames, different metaphors, you’re learning the culture of the language so you get not only different words, but different types of words. Multi-linguals tend to score better on standardized tests, especially in math, reading, and vocabulary; they are better at remembering lists or sequences; they are more perceptive to their surroundings...better at focusing in on important information while weeding out misleading information.”

—Taken from The Atlantic “For a Better Brain, Learn Another Language”

  • Built around fun, kid-friendly themes for ages 6 months to 6 years
  • Language videos narrated by native speakers
  • No prior language knowledge needed
  • Optional subtitles
  • Download for instant access