Behind the Scenes Making Little Pim's First CD

We recently recorded songs for our upcoming Little Pim CDs in French and Spanish, which we'll be releasing this summer. As a filmmaker, I've had the chance to go "behind the scenes" on countless films, but I had never been part of a CD production. It was so much fun! We had kids (including my son Emmett, seen here with Adele and Adrian) do backup in French and Spanish and brought in two very talented singers, Violette de Bartillat for the French and Barbara Brousal to sing Spanish. We had three popular Milkshake songs for them to sing that the band adapted to include Little Pim vocabulary, and that we then translated into French and Spanish. Both Violette and Barbara have beautiful voices and perfect accents in French and Spanish. Their love of kids and music really came through when they sang and I felt like I had front row seats at a rock concert.

I also learned how you make harmony: the singers sing the song, then hear it played back in their headphones and sing harmony with themselves. On one of our songs, a beautiful lullaby called "When you are Sleeping", they actually layered in three different harmonies. Here is a little taste of the Spanish version. I hope you'll love the songs as much as I do.