Constance Zimmer of HBO's Entourage loves Little Pim!

Sometimes when I am watching my four-year old and fourteen month-old squabble over cheese puffs or when I've been playing "come and get me" complete with crawling under dining room table one too many times, my mind drifts to my alter ego... an accomplished professional woman wheeling and dealing with the big boys in a Prada suit, who would never have a smudge of baby yogurt on her needs-a-dry-cleaning jacket that she tries to get out with a napkin at work. This alter ego looks something like... DANA GORDON, the beautiful no-nonsense studio executive on HBO's hit show Entourage who engages in hilarious love-hate banter with ARI GOLD (Jeremy Pivens). In the last season, DANA was the second in charge at a major motion picture studio, looked fantastic, and was at the top of her game. So imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Constance Zimmer, who plays DANA GORDON on Entourage, is using Little Pim with her daughter Coco! They were recently photographed at a Little Pim event at The Tree House Social Club in Los Angeles and Celebrity Babies picked up the story. Constance's daughter Coco is 15-months old, and Constance would like her to speak French, like her dad, Russ Lamoureux, so they have been watching the French DVDs at home. Constance says, "Little Pim is fun for her [Coco] and something we enjoy doing together.”

Merci bien Constance et Coco! And thanks Constance, for reminding me that behind some of those glamorous, perfectly put together stars we see on another mom like us!