Sochi Olympics Bingo!

The 2014 Winter Olympics is being held in Sochi, Russia, creating the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to not only the excitement of Luge and Speed Skating, but to basic Russian winter sports vocabulary as well.

We've made learning even more fun with this Sochi Olympics BINGO! To create your own bingo card using our word list, or your own special Olympics words, click here.

Winter Olympics Russian Vocabulary List

  • спорт [Sport] - Sports
  • зима [Zi-ma] - Winter
  • снег [Snyek] - Snow
  • Лёд [LYOT] - Ice
  • Cнежинка [snye-ZHEEN-ka] - Snowflake
  • Снежная буря [SNYEZH-na-ya BOO-rya] - Blizzard
  • Холод [HO-lat] - (The) cold
  • Коньки [kan’-KEE] - Skates
  • Лыжи [LI-zhee] - Skis
  • Санки [SAN-kee] - Sled
  • Сноуборд [snow-BORT] - Snowboard
  • Кататься на коньках [ka-TAT’-sya na kan’-KAH]
 - Skating
  • Кататься на лыжах [ka-TAT’-sya na LI-zhah]
 - Skiing
  • Кататься на санках [ka-TAT’-sya na SAN-kah]
 - Sledding
  • Кататься на сноуборде [ka-TAT’-sya na snow-BOR-teah]
 - Snowboarding

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