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What's Trending in Bilingualism

We've scoured the web to find breaking news and information in the world of Bilingualism. Check out our 5 favorite stories, below:

1. Taking bilingualism to the bank: In the Economist, bilingualism comes down to dollars and cents in, What is a Foreign Language Worth? The article looks at actual ROI (return on investment) for bilingual employees. While these numbers are lower than others comparisons we’ve seen, we found it interesting that you can expect being bilingual in German to increase your lifetime additional earnings by nearly three times that of Spanish. Will Goethe become more popular with the preschool set now?

2.Little Pim in the News: Our own Julia Pimsleur Levine, founder and CEO of Little Pim, is featured on Forbes this week in How to Speak Entrepreneur Like a Native. If you’ve ever wondered how Little Pim started, this is a great read. If you’re interested in hearing from Julia first hand about her entrepreneurial endeavors, her personal Forbes blog is here.

3. Kids bop to bilingual pop: It was only a matter of time before pop songs embraced the budding bilingual kids’ market. From the same producer who created the earwig “Friday” song by Rebecca Black, comes a Chinese/English song, “Get in My Car” sung by 10-yr-old Grace Liu.

4. “Hear and I forget, see and I remember”National Geographic explores why it’s easier to remember new lessons, including a second language, when you use visual and tactile lessons---like Little Pim’s videos and books---and not just audible ones.

5. Say what? According to a New Zealand study, babies can actually make distinctions between words spoken in foreign languages.

Our Valentine to You: Free Little Pim Valentine Coloring Pages

Here's a treat that will be even more welcome than Valentine sweets for your little ones: fun coloring pages featuring our favorite panda, Little Pim, playing Cupid. Just click, print, and color for Valentine's Day fun. Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!

Print Version 1

Print Version 2

Sochi Olympics Bingo!

The 2014 Winter Olympics is being held in Sochi, Russia, creating the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to not only the excitement of Luge and Speed Skating, but to basic Russian winter sports vocabulary as well.

We've made learning even more fun with this Sochi Olympics BINGO! To create your own bingo card using our word list, or your own special Olympics words, click here.

Winter Olympics Russian Vocabulary List

  • спорт [Sport] - Sports
  • зима [Zi-ma] - Winter
  • снег [Snyek] - Snow
  • Лёд [LYOT] - Ice
  • Cнежинка [snye-ZHEEN-ka] - Snowflake
  • Снежная буря [SNYEZH-na-ya BOO-rya] - Blizzard
  • Холод [HO-lat] - (The) cold
  • Коньки [kan’-KEE] - Skates
  • Лыжи [LI-zhee] - Skis
  • Санки [SAN-kee] - Sled
  • Сноуборд [snow-BORT] - Snowboard
  • Кататься на коньках [ka-TAT’-sya na kan’-KAH]
 - Skating
  • Кататься на лыжах [ka-TAT’-sya na LI-zhah]
 - Skiing
  • Кататься на санках [ka-TAT’-sya na SAN-kah]
 - Sledding
  • Кататься на сноуборде [ka-TAT’-sya na snow-BOR-teah]
 - Snowboarding

If you're interested in exploring Russian more with your children, check out our great Little Pim Russian programs here.

Pin It to Win It with Little Pim

Yes, it's true, we're as obsessed with Pinterest as you are. We're so into Pinterest these days, in fact, that we've decided to hold our very own Pin It to Win It contest! This only runs through October 16, so enter now for your chance to win a Discovery Set in the language of your choice.

*Winner will be notified via a Pinterest comment on Saturday, October 26.

The Little Pim Kickstarter is Live!

Aaaand we're live! We've only got 30 days to make our goal, so let's make 'em count. We can't do this without your amazing support so click below to learn a little more about the Little Pim ebook Kickstarter, make your pledge, and share with your friends!

Here! Ici! Aquí! Click here!

What Is Kickstarter?

  1. It’s a website where anyone can pitch a creative project. So we’re pitching our ebook!
  2. If you think it’s a good idea, you can back the project. Donations of ALL sizes are welcome
  3. If you back a project with a donation, you get a reward! Our rewards, which would make great holiday gifts, include pre-orders of the ebook, getting your child drawn in as a character, and lots of other surprises in between…
  4. If we reach our goal, we get the funds we need to make the ebook and you get your rewards!
  5. If we don’t make our goal, we get nothing and you don’t get a reward. You also won’t be charged. It’s all or nothing on Kickstarter.

New Release: A Second Set of Flash Cards!

You might notice something new when you shop Spanish, French, or Chinese today. Okay, go down… up… a little to the right… there! Our second volume of flash cards is out! Do you see them?

This beautiful set of cards is chock-full of brand new images of Little Pim ready to teach kids some of the new words that appear in the second volume of Little Pim videos. They can be used on their own or along with the videos ("at home," "feelings," and "let's count!") to teach and reinforce words related to mealtime, playtime, and emotions.

And by the way, the first volume of flash cards is coming soon in Arabic and Portuguese!

Make a Peace Crane for International World Peace Day

Learning a new language makes the world feel like a smaller place: being able to communicate in a foreign language helps kids make new friends both when they’re traveling and here at home while giving them insight into cultures around the globe. These basic principles are the heart of the International Day of Peace created by the United Nation and held every September 21, the fall equinox. With “Education as Peace” as their motto, the United Nation's Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon says, “Education has to cultivate mutual respect for others and the world in which we live, and help people forge more just, inclusive and peaceful societies."

A fun and easy way to participate in this World Peace Day is to create a “Peace Crane” with your children. Directions are below:

Make a Peace Crane Project

1. Find a piece of paper (any type of paper can work, but lighter weight ones will fold more easily)

2. Cut the paper into a perfect square.

3. Write words of peace on one side of the paper. Here are a few ways to say “peace” in Little Pim languages: Paz (Spanish), Paix (French), Frieden (German), Shalom (Hebrew), Pace (Italian), Salam (Arabic)

4. Create an image of peace on the other side of your paper square. (Markers, crayons, or colored pencils will work best, allowing the paper to be folded without smudging or cracking)

5. Fold your paper into an origami crane following the detailed folding instructions here.

6. Exchange your Peace Crane with friends, or give them to a member of your community. Or send a picture of Peace Crane to and they’ll add you to their map.


(Instructions courtesy of

Little Pim at the Babies R Us Learning Center - Saturday 9/7

It's Grand Opening weekend at the Babies R Us Learning Center, and Little Pim will be there with bells on! Swing by the Union Square Babies R Us sometime tomorrow, Saturday, September 7, between noon and 3:00pm to visit the Little Pim table and discover some other amazing educational toys for your little ones.

Don't forget to say hi – you could win a French Deluxe Gift Set!

Leap Frog Partners With Little Pim

LeapFrog Partners With Little Pim To Bring Foreign Language Learning To The Award-Winning LeapPad™ (via PR Newswire)

EMERYVILLE, Calif., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:LF), a leader in educational entertainment, and Little Pim, the award-winning foreign language learning program for children, today announced a partnership to bring Little Pim content to LeapFrog's LeapPad. Content will…


Toy Fair 2011: From Bubbles to Blocks to Floating Fish!

We had a great time at Toy Fair last week. It was fun to reconnect with owners of some of the 800 book, toy and gift stores that carry Little Pim and make new friends and partners. Read on to see some of the cool new products we found this year. Little Pim’s Booth:

And our team (including our French distributor, Jean-Bernard Tanqueray, on left).

Why didn’t I think of this? Kids love silly hats and these new “Air Hedz” take the cake. Pirates, frogs and nurses… and great for water gun fights! Here I am as a pop star, complete with microphone.

Crocodile Creek has come out with new lightweight travel “pouch puzzles.” I especially like the World one, great for young global citizens!

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Who doesn’t hate the mess? Finally a bubble machine that doesn’t leak. In fact, it whirls and emits bubbles in a 360 degree spin. Wish I had this at my son’s third birthday party last week! Ours made a gooey spill that was a slip hazard, but the kids had a blast popping them so it was worth it.

Haba’s new “Animal Upon Animal” game is for kids four and up, and reinforces hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and just plain old silly fun of seeing cute wooden animals come tumbling down! Plus the game rules come in 6 languages! (English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French).

This new “Clock” from Zazoo Kids tells your toddler when it’s ok to get up … long before they know how to tell time! Invented by a mom, of course. It’s also nice that its 7" LCD screen turns into a digital picture frame once you get past that particularly unpleasant stage where your kids wake up before six am (I wish I could say we are past it in my house). You can program your own customized image for your child (it can even be his or her picture). I got one of these for my three year old.

A remote control fish swimming around the Toy Fair (actually a remote helium balloon). A great party trick!